Mostafavi Law Group, APC is a litigation and trial boutique law firm that is committed to professional and aggressive legal representations.   

Our commitment extends to both the legal and economic needs of the client.

By law, parties to a lawsuit are entitled to the due process that legal representation entails, including the need for a trial. In this regard, we do not shy away from taking a difficult case to trial. However, we also understand that lawsuits can be distressing and economically challenging for most clients. Therefore, despite our vigorous preparation for trial, we employ reasonable tactics to determine if or when the case is ripe for settlement discussions viz-a-viz alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Mostafavi Law Group, APC is passionate about the practice of law. We dedicate our time and efforts to winning and or settling cases that our firm handles. In so doing, we pick our battles carefully and consistently put our clients first. For all cases, present, past, and future, we will continue to maintain a committed attitude towards the legal processes.


Our lawyers are passionate about litigation and trial practice.  They have experience with arbitration and mediation proceedings. They know that litigation and trial advocacy is an art, and they focus constantly on honing the skills needed to champion their clients’ claims and to obtain the best outcomes for their clients by being well-prepared for trial and by communicating that commitment to our adversaries.


Amir Mostafavi is the founder of Mostafavi Law Group, APC, with practices involving Litigation and Trial matters. While Mr. Mostafavi is an aggressive litigator, he seeks ways to use alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, to find the best solution for his clients.


Is the attorney accessible by phone, email, or in-person?  

Yes, we are happy to communicate with our clients in any way they prefer. Let’s schedule an appointment today by calling us at (310) 849-2030, sending us a facsimile at (310) 473-2222, or emailing us at

When you contact the attorney, do you receive a prompt response? 

Yes, Mostafavi Law Group, APC will contact you as soon as we can. We respond to our clients the same day or within 24 hours. Just let us know when the best time to reach is you so we can discuss your situation, concerns, and potential solutions.

When you communicate with our law firm, is an attorney the main point of contact?

Yes, you’ll speak directly to an attorney practicing exclusively in litigation and trial matters.

Is the lawyer willing to be your legal coach?

Yes, Mostafavi Law Group, APC will be here for your every need. To advise, teach, explain, answer questions, solve your problems as best as we can, aggressively fight for your rights, and support you throughout your sometimes difficult journey.

When you describe your case, is the attorney receptive to what you have to say?

Yes, Mostafavi Law Group, APC listens to what you have to say because your unique situation matters to us and every detail counts. We put your best interest first and will work with you to find an effective solution.

Does the attorney listen to your needs?

Yes, the attorneys at Mostafavi Law Group, APC work for you so we want to hear what you have to say. YOU tell us what you want to do and we’ll accommodate your needs.

Do you feel comfortable with your attorney?

Yes, Mostafavi Law Group, APC has friendly attorneys that will make you feel valued, heard, and understood. We are very patient with our clients. You can put your trust in us to handle your case.

Does the attorney keep you updated on your case?

Yes, we understand that your life has been interrupted by unwanted, sometimes devastating, employment problems so we know that it’s necessary and important to update our clients often and regularly, whether it’ll be for the results of an investigation, the outcome of a motion filed in court, or correspondence from others regarding your particular case. The more open and honest the communication is between you and the attorney, the more effective Mostafavi Law Group, APC can be in advocating for your rights.

Does the attorney think and act outside of the box?

Yes, Mostafavi Law Group, APC will be here for you when you think you’ve run out of options and no one seems to have an answer. We’ll find an answer or help you find someone who will know the answer.

Does the lawyer seem confident in being able to solve your problem?

Yes, at Mostafavi Law Group, APC, if you’re our client, then we strongly believe in your case and are confident that we can solve your problem. The best advocates believe in what they fight for and we believe in employee rights no matter what situation you may find yourself in.

Can you afford the lawyer?

Yes, we offer hourly, fixed, and contingency rates depending on your needs and the needs of the case. If we proceed with an hourly or fixed rate, which might seem expensive, please don’t be discouraged because it will be money well spent on valuable hard-to-find information since we deeply care about the quality of the work we provide. Clients can feel rest assured that they are receiving the best quality advice from Mostafavi Law Group, APC.

Let us help you to obtain the best possible outcome for your case.