Representing the Legal Professionals in Regulatory & Discipline State Bar Investigations, State Bar Discipline Defense, Bar Applicant & Moral Character Proceedings

At Mostafavi Law Group, APC, we devote our efforts to help attorneys, bar applicants and those who were a client in an underlying matter to resolve the disputes that had arisen based on claims of ethical violation, acts of moral torpitudes, and professional negligence. 

Summary of areas of practice in our Ethics & Legal Malpractice Division

  • State Bar Discipline Investigations, Trials, and Appeals
  • Bar Applicant and Moral Character Proceedings
  • Outside Legal Ethics Counsel
  • Legal Malpractice Defense and Plaintiff’s Cases
  • Expert Consultation and Testimony Regarding Standard of Care Relating to Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Litigation, Mediation, and Arbitration of Fee Disputes
  • Conflicts of Interest, Motions to Disqualify, and Motions to Withdraw
  • Current and Former Client Disputes