California State Bar requires a showing of moral fitness to practice law. In order to admit a lawyer into the practice of law in California, the state bar engage in an extensive review of the applicants’ past history and relationships. These investigations can yield unpleasant results, and therefore hinder and or delay the applicants’ ability to practice law within the state.

The burden is on the applicant to prove that s/he is in good moral standing, justifying an admission to the practice of law within the state. Therefore, an applicant who suspects that a “good moral character” issue may arise within his/her application, should contact us immediately.

Mostafavi Law Group can help you to meet the “good moral character” burden by drafting the appropriate addendum that accompany your application and help you to receive a favorable determination. We do not only represent out-of-state attorneys wishing to practice in California, but also LL.M. and JD. students or graduates who are going through the same process.

Despite the submission of well-drafted Moral Character application and addendum, the State Bar might contact you for a hearing. Though informal, any such hearing is determinative of your ability to practice law. Therefore, it is within your interest to take a lawyer with you because complicated, and or unexpected questions may arise. At Mostafavi Law Group, we will not only provide you with adequate support, but as your representative, we can accompany you to the hearing.

There is an opportunity to appeal an unfavorable decision by the hearing committee. While we can also assist you at this stage of the process, it is better to involve us earlier on, so that your application is not irreparably misrepresented by you.

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We understand how difficult Moral Character Admission can get, you should contact us Immediately to help you.

Moral Character Admission  are often complex and fact specific. At Mostafavi Law Group, APC, we treat your situation uniquely, and will tailor our representation to your situation and needs with commitment and zealous advocacy to maximize the recovery for you.


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